Surprise Your Mom with our Mother’s Day Doughnuts in Melbourne

Surprise Your Mom with our Mother’s Day Doughnuts in Melbourne

Are you looking for a sweet way to show your mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day? Look no further than our delicious and indulgent Mother’s Day doughnuts in Melbourne! These delectable treats are guaranteed to surprise and delight your mom, with their mouth watering flavours and beautiful presentation. Pre-order your favourites today and surprise your mom with a sweet treat she won’t forget!

Flavorful Options for Mother's Day Doughnuts in Melbourne:

1. Jam-filled Doughnut topped with Strawberry Ganache & Shortbread Crumble:

Indulge in the classic combination of fruity jam and the richness of strawberry ganache. The addition of shortbread crumble adds a delightful crunch to every bite. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and slightly tart flavours.

2. Lemon-filled Doughnut topped with White Chocolate Ganache, Raspberry & Coconut:

For those who enjoy a tangy twist, our lemon-filled doughnut is a delightful choice. The creamy white chocolate ganache perfectly complements the zesty lemon filling. The addition of raspberry and coconut adds a tropical touch that will transport your taste buds to paradise.

3. Chocolate Fondant Ring with Strawberry Fondant Drizzle:

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Indulge in the deep, velvety goodness of our chocolate fondant ring. The luscious strawberry fondant drizzle adds a burst of fruity sweetness. It’s a heavenly combination that will satisfy any chocolate craving.

4. Strawberry Fondant Ring with Dark Chocolate Ganache Drizzle:

If you prefer a lighter, fruit-forward option, our strawberry fondant ring is the perfect choice. The delicate strawberry flavour shines through in the soft fondant, while the dark chocolate ganache drizzle adds a touch of decadence. It’s a delightful balance of flavours that will leave you craving more.

Vegan Alternatives of Mother's Day Doughnuts in Melbourne:

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our delectable doughnuts. That’s why we offer vegan alternatives for each flavour! Indulge guilt-free with our vegan doughnuts, crafted with plant-based ingredients and the same attention to flavour and quality. Treat your mom to a vegan delight that will leave her impressed.

How to Place Your Order:

To pre-order your Mother’s Day doughnuts, simply send us a direct message (DM) on our official Facebook Page or Instagram with your preferred flavours and quantities. Alternatively, you can visit any of our four stores located in Ivanhoe, Caroline Springs, Bundoora & Moonee Ponds and place your order in person. Please ensure to submit your order by 4pm on Saturday to secure your pick-up on Sunday.


In conclusion, Gotham Doughnut’s Mother’s Day Doughnuts in Melbourne are the perfect way to surprise and delight your mom this year. With a variety of flavours to choose from, including vegan alternatives, there’s something for every taste. Pre-order your Mother’s Day Doughnuts today and show your mom just how much she means to you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make her day extra sweet and memorable!

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